Boston Asian Dolls


Boston Asian Dolls

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"We kept our donation rate same for last 6 years to satisfy our friends but now we are changing due to the raised girl's pay demands and cost of living that is causing us difficulty.
Please understand why we have changed it, but we promise you to continue to give you a finest service you deserve and a best quality models.
Thank you for your understanding."
Please check Gift page for more detail or call us for questions.
We now accept p411 for screening, You must sends a request via their website
  Important Rule Announcement 
This is if for YOUR SAFETY!!! 
It is sad that we must put this up! But, it has now happened more then one time! When arriving to our place, if for any reason you can not follow  instructions...(which means paying attention to everything we tell you)  Such AS WHEN WE GIVE YOU THE LOCATION AND ROOM # YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION!!! There has been issues with PEOPLE   making mistake and going to wrong ROOM AND LOCATION!!  SORRY THIS IS NOT JUST AN OOPS MISTAKE!!  THAT WILL CAUSE US ALL TO GET IN TROUBLE!! So, if you are a new or old friend and you make this mistake, you will be BANNED!!  No EXCEPTION ANYMORE!!  It is not hard to FOLLOW instruction and go to right place! It is sad that this must be written on website! But, as of now this if your only warning! There will be no exception after today!!!  

Brand new
Sexy girl Ara is visiting town!
This wonderful hottie has it all!
Sexy hot body, beautiful face, lovely personality, and amazing services!
Ara is a super cute model with a hot body who knows how to treat a gentleman like you
Ara is ready for you and she wants to treat you like a king
Meet Ara today and let her give you a fantastic experience that you deserve!
Availble Now

Brand new
All natural beauty Jina is visiting town for the first time
Her super sexy curvy body, all natural, puts her as top notch glamour model in this business
Jina's beautiful looks along with her complimenting excellent services makes her a very special one
Jina's model like body and her oriental looks along with her all natural D cup will bring you to a next level GFE experience.
Meet Jina today and let your stress go away all at once with her special treat!
Availble Now

Brand New
Super hottie Nabi is visiting town for the first time!
Sexy curvy body with natural D and her beautiful face and her amazing services goes beyond and above!
This wonderful girl Nabi is a fantastci girl and she will take you to the next level experience
Nabi is one you must see
Call us now
Available Now

Scarlet Red 
Wow Scarlet Red is in town!
She is a top-geisha service girl with amazing looks and wonderful service!
She just has a perfect curvy body with beautiful face
Her skin is like a silk and her skills are unbelievable
Meet Scarlet Red today and experience what a real geisha service is!
Available Now

Details will be given when you schedule an appt. 

Always a reminder these are our brand new places. Please always use discretion when visiting us. No knocking EVER at our doors! Please help us be as safe as possible so you will be safe too!  If you see a neighbor try very hard and wait for neighbor to go away before approaching our door! We take all this serious!
Please never discuss our location info with anyone! Please do not write where we are located in reviews either! 
Thanks for understanding! 
xoxo BAD~~

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