Boston Asian Dolls
**Important Announcement**8/8
We are now Done relocating!
Very nice and luxury area
Plenty of free parking!!
Very convenient to Transit
You will love this loctation!


****** We now accept p411 for screening please send us a request via p411 website

For first time guest, please fill out form below. Forms are only for verifications purposes only. They are not used to book appointments with us. If you are a regular friend of ours please CALL US. WE DOT ACCEPT TEXTS!  Forms are always kept confidential! They are deleted after screening  is complete!   

****PLEASE SEND YOUR TER I.D.  if you have one, along with providers or agencies references (NO BACKAPAGE GIRLS) are acccepted for references!! These providers must have reviews on TER. ALSO YOU MUST SEND VERIFIABLE WORK INFO. If you do not have references we can verify your job.  Which means your company must be listed on the internet.  We require your REAL first and last name, ALWAYS!  You must also show your id when arriving. It must match the name that was given, if not you will be asked to leave!   Incomplete forms will be deleted or delayed.  Same day appts are welcome!! 

 Please CALL to schedule.  If it has been a while since your last visit, we reserve the right to rescreen you.  Keep in mind that is for your safety and ours.  When arriving to any of our places always check in with us, BEFORE GOING TO OUR DOOR!!!   Thanks so much! xoxo 

                                             Important Rule Announcement 10/12/16
This is if for YOUR SAFETY!!! 
It is sad that we must put this up! But, it has now happened more then one time! When arriving to our place, if for any reason you can not follow  instructions...(which means paying attention to everything we tell you) Such AS WHEN WE GIVE YOU THE LOCATION AND ROOM # YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION!!! There has been issues with PEOPLE   making mistake and going to wrong ROOM AND LOCATION!!  SORRY THIS IS NOT JUST AN OOPS MISTAKE!!  THAT WILL CAUSE US ALL TO GET IN TROUBLE!! So, if you are a new or old friend and you make this mistake, you will be BANNED!!  No EXCEPTION NO MORE!!  It is not hard to FOLLOW instruction and go to right place! It is sad that this must be written on website! But, as of now this if your only warning! There will be no exception after today!!!  

PLEASE BE ADVISED! This DOES NOT apply to everyone! This is a warning!  It is not nice to cancel right before your scheduled appt time,  please allow as much advance notice if you have to cancel.  WE do not waste your time, please do not waste ours!  Repeat offenders will end up having to pay a cancellation fee! So consider your self WARNED!  Also, if you will BE LATE please be courteous and let us know.   
Thanks so much,
Boston Asian Dolls
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